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Life of Brick kiln slaves

Our main target is to educate the children of Brick kiln slaves and we are focusing and teaching them the word of God so that we can save their next generation from this misery. We are also providing finance of these people so they can earn some money for their families.


After my (Pastor Shamoun Chand )graduation in 2000 from FGA Bible College I went back in my area (Saho-ki-Mallian, District Sheikhpura) where I was living since my birth, in my area there are hundreds of brick factories working from long ago, But this time God touched and blessed me with the vision to do something for workers of Brick Factories because they are in deep misery and desolation.I shared my vision with my wife; we start praying for them and asked God, give us strength and show us the way to do this, then I also shared this with Pastor Liquat M. Qaiser Principal FGA Bible College and Sister Henny Qasir, they appreciated and encouraged me a lot to move forward.

Thanks God! Rasta Foundation of Pakistan is registered platform, leading by Pastor Liquat M. Qasir, is working among the Brick Factory Workers that is most deprived part of our society living miserable life.

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