Rasta Foundation of Pakistan

Aims Objective

Our main target is to educate the children of Brick kiln slaves and we are focusing and teaching them the word of God so that we can save their next generation from this misery. We are also providing finance of these people so they can earn some money for their families.

Rasta Foundation of Pakistan

Sharing and spreading the Word of God among 100 new brick factories workers that are not visited ever yet Prosperity and rehabilitation of Brick Factory Workers and villagers To create awareness and motivation for basic health care especially in mothers and their children We want to build a hostel for children of Brick Factory Workers and villagers so that they can live and get education there We want to get free more slaved people working in Brick Factories We want to have an ambulance and establish free dispensary for Brick Factory Workers and villagers, because so many people died due to having no doctor and basic medical facilities in that area Want to arrange employment or source of income for the people who get freedom from slavery Want to arrange employment or source of income and accommodation for Sadique Masih (Converted) Want to give them some better opportunities to earn like Sewing Center, small business etc

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Aims Objective


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Rev.Shamoun Chand (Co-founder/Chairman)

Dr.Rev.Liaqat Qaiser (Founder)

Henny Qaiser (Founder)